2013 Simulator Game Is Released

2013 Surgeon Simulator

You will be greeted with these words once you start playing the game this 2013 simulator game – Perform a heart transplant. Aside from that, players are left with little or no directions at all, just a table full of operating tools, and a patient whose very life depends on your untrained hands. This might sound like a disaster if you were the patient, but this is also what makes Surgeon Simulator 2013 so much fun. The game is the most ridiculous parody of one of the world’s most respected professions. The game will leave you scrabbling your way from one surgery to another, as you leave your watch inside the patient’s stomach, lose organs at the back of a moving ambulance, and laugh your way through your surgical stupidity.

In the game, you only exist as an arm suspended above an operating table. When you drag the mouse, the arm then moves about the screen, and using that, you can control the grip of each finger through five keys on your keyboard. When you make a right click to your mouse, you can drag your hand from left to right, and dragging the mouse lets the player adjust the angle of the wrist. If you think that sounds confusing, well that is exactly the point of this game. It makes it seem like you’re riding a unicycle while juggling balls.

There are three stages you go through – brain transplant, heart transplant, and a double kidney transplant. Regardless of the procedure, the goal is to complete the operation before the patient dies of hemorrhage. The real challenge comes in when you need to remove a rib or remove organs that are in the way. After you’re through, the game gives you a score based on how fast and careful you were in completing the task.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 gives players a lot of reason to keep playing. For one, each of the surgeries can be performed in a ridiculously difficult alternate mode, such as trying to operate while you are in a bumpy ambulance ride. Your tools are jumping all over the place, plus the door opens randomly. Also, you can collect Easter eggs in a zero-gravity environment, as well as completing an operation with less than 10 milliliters of blood, and dressing your patient’s wounds using only a scar made from his own large intestine.

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