Defiance: New Generation of Multiplayer Shooter Games

Defiance Shooter Games

Shooters have always been among most popular game genres, but unfortunately, there are not many titles interesting to play after several hours. As a rule, most of shooters require nothing but running and killing your enemies.

There is some good news, the game named Defiance is the best example of title which offers an incredible graphics and intriguing plot. It is a dynamic multiplayer shooter game which combines a lot of awesome elements and battle scenes.

The action takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, to be more precise in San Francisco. After the alien war, two races live in an uncertain peace on the land where extraterrestrial and terrestrial floras have fused; as a result, there appeared bizarre plants and trees.

Actually, there are plenty of multiplayer online games which are based on space theme, but there are very few of them in shooter genre. Defiance is the title which combines many features of traditional online role-playing shooter. You go through series of missions where you have to destroy numbers of giant monstrous enemies, completing various quests and stuff. Most of the tasks take place in the open world, but several missions may set you to particular areas.

If you have ever played MMOG games, you will have no problems with structure of Defiance. However, several features are different from typical RPG. You can forget everything you know about ability hotbar as it is a shooter and it requires different playing style.  You have to concentrate on enemies and targets to pull the trigger.

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