Dragon`s Dogma Game for Xbox 360

Dragon`s Dogma Dark Arisen

Xbox fans, get ready to play Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen – an incredible action which takes place on Bitterblack Isle. These lands hide something evil and dark in their depths. It may be a big and ferocious wolf appearing from the dark and chasing you, or huge ogre who was chained long time ago, and now this beast is hungry and searching for food. You can face the grim reaper, who brings death and destruction to everything on its way.

So, if you are new to Dragon’s Dogma game, you have to go through tutorial which will inform you on the core moments and controls. In general, the game is designed in best traditions of Monster Hunter series, with and amazing graphics and fantastic world.  Actually, the world is the thing which makes the title so awesome. Various landscapes, hills and woods with towers and castles won`t leave you bored.

There is even more.  With the help of an additional disc you can install higher resolution textures and an optional Japanese voicing to the hard drive. This improvement makes the game look even sharper.

As it was mentioned above, the Dragon’s Dogma takes you through incredible fights with waves of monsters like: griffons, Cyclops, ogres, trolls chimeras and other creatures. It doesn’t matter which path you chose, you have to fight. You have three helpers also known as spawns.

So, in general the game is amazing as it makes you not only fight, but also think. And the graphics of course it is on the highest level. Take your time and enjoy  the game.

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