Evoland: Reminder of the Best Classic Games


There are only reminders of the best classic games left nowadays. However, Evoland tries hard to bring you back those remarkable memories.

The greatest peculiarity of this game is the combination of modern visuals together with old ones. At the very beginning of Evoland you will have a view from the top with lots of pixels just as it was in Zelda, for example. True fans will surely appreciate this. In addition, the whole world is surrounded with pleasant music. However, things change quickly when you touch a special stone. It transforms the visuals into quite modern ones.

The game is a big travel which you’ll have to participate in. Your character will face various dangers, enemies, puzzles and wonderful items and weapons for coping with everything. Clink (the protagonist) helps a woman named Kaeris to recover a crystal in her village. However, the game doesn’t treat you with rich plot. In addition, passing through Evoland is not too complex.

Exploring dungeons is not very interesting. Despite the fact that there are lots of monsters there, everything is somehow halfhearted. It feels like the developers of the game wanted to create something similar to good old Diablo but failed and made only an imitation of it. Despite the fact that there is the turn-based combat, you will not have to try hard to defeat your enemy. You may simply press one attack button and receive the victory. In addition, Kaeris will heal you constantly.

What is more disappointing is that you can complete Evoland in a few hours. There could be so many interesting things included to revive the feeling of old games, but as a result it is repetitive and boring.

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