God Mode, a Demonic Game

God Mode

The story starts with the narrator sarcastically saying that Hades might be in hell in a toga, its assorted rogues’ arcade of demons and monsters doesn’t make up for the multiple instances of the system freezing or hanging up. That is a real shame, because this demonic game has several bits of fun with the corpse-strewn halls, and it is especially fun when three of your friends tag along for a four-player co-op game.

However, if you are looking for a good story, then this is not the game for you. The most you can get out of God Mode is during the loading screen that tells about your Olympian ancestry and in the narrator’s confused commentary on your unheroic fall. There are times that you are hanged as a poor soul who suffered an accident, and in other times you are a guy who’s wearing clothes that are too tight. The game is all about killing hordes of underworld monsters, with the help of your three friends, although you can make a private match for yourself.

God Mode’s visual appeal lies in the occasional striking graphics of its five maps. The advancement through the maps is just like God of War, with portals closing off the exit to next arena until you’ve slayed all the monstrosities in sight. If you make it to the end, a treasure room awaits full of coins you can use for new weapons, superficial items, or even upgrades.

The game has three difficulty modes, and it’s all about carnage. Weapons mostly pack an adequate meaty punch, and the enemies come in enough varieties to keep you looking forward to the next challenges, such as facing Cyclopes and Minotaur amidst the weaker armored skeletons. You can also upgrade your special abilities ranging from your shield to spells that force enemies become your ally. God mode offers decent amount of fun for a good price, but it is the tedium of repeating the same level five times might just bore players easily.

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