New Game Release : Thomas Was Alone

Thomas Was Alone

The new game release revolves around Thomas, a rogue artificial intelligence program gone haywire. Thomas suddenly gains consciousness in unfamiliar territories. Slowly, he becomes aware of his capabilities. He can glide across grounds, fall from great heights without getting hurt, and jump over obstacles easily. It is not really much but Thomas finds the stages to be increasingly complicated, forcing him to jump with more accuracy, or worm his way up dark passages. Once he’s completely oriented with his surrounding, he then finds a friend, and eureka! Thomas is no longer alone.

Each new character Thomas meets in his adventure is either a rectangle or a square, and they come with their own unique abilities that you need to harness. Chris is not very helpful early in the game, other characters need to perform tasks such as makeshift bridges, ladders, and barges to get Chris safely to the exit. You may hate him for slowing you down, but you will find that he is vital at times. Also, even weaker characters have a purpose, and you would find yourself too attached to them that you actually assist them to the next stage.

The game has good writing, and the narration plays a key role during the action, players need to listen to the voice instructions explaining the mind-set of one or more of the characters as you leap over platforms and avoid spikes. There are funny moments, such as the time when Chris thought she was a superhero because of her ability to float. The shapes who desire for friendship make you appreciate their humanity while the ones who want to be on their own have a quiet power.  The strong narrative power blends well with the action, making a cohesive adventure that continues to draw you to the game.

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