Nintendo Cancels E3 Show to Make Way for More Private Events

Nintendo Cancels E3 Show

Major press conference aired live on the internet signals the beginning of every E3 show. Done yearly, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft top executives appear on-stage at huge Los Angeles venues to broadcast new games, and sometimes, even new consoles. This year, during the E3 show in June, Nintendo will break out of the tradition.

The creators of the Mario Bros. franchise said that it will not attend the large-scale presentation this year to make way for more private events aimed at press and distributors. According to Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata, this is all about being able to communicate better. Most video game fans are more interested in information about the games themselves, and not so with the sales figures. Nintendo has long enjoyed better communication with fans, using the Nintendo Direct videos that are published regularly online.

As for E3, Nintendo announced that it would make use of the show to announce new games, as usual, mainly for Wii U games that are out for release this year. Fans get a chance to play the game right away at the show, added Iwata. Nintendo is also investing on new ways to disseminate information about their games directly to the target audience, and they hope that E3 visitors won’t miss out on the fun. For the mean time, Nintendo Direct will be utilized to deliver the information to the Japanese audience.

At the E3 show this year, Nintendo will face fierce competition from both Sony and Microsoft, since both companies will use the event to showcase their next generation of consoles and of course, announce new games. Iwata also mentioned that Nintendo is likely to announce new games for Wii U, which has struggled since it was launched due to lack of game choices or titles. The company aims to sell at least nine million Wii U consoles this year, and it will need eye-catching games to do that.

As part of its game launch this year, Nintendo summarizes its 2013 Wii U software line-up, which includes Pikmin 3, Wii U Fit, Zelda: Wind Waker, and new Mario and Mario Kart games.

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