Review of the Horror Genre Game “Slender: The Arrival”

Slender The Arrival

For many years, the horror genre of games seems to be declining, if not a dying breed. Most of the games released are heavily commercialized, a few independent games still managed to keep the spirit alive for those who appreciate unadulterated horror.

Slender: The Arrival takes its title from the new urban legend “The Slender Man,” entirely crafted by internet citizens. Because of his unique story and mass appeal, it didn’t take too long before video game developers took notice and decided to make a game based on this urban legend.

The game focuses on weakness and exploration. The game is divided into five chapters, each one with its own focus. Players will take on the character of Lauren, driving to see her friend Kate, as her mother had recently passed away. On her way to Kate’s house, the road is blocked by a fallen tree, then deciding to carry on her way on foot, just like a typical bad decision in a horror story. A flashlight might be the best thing you’ll have as a weapon; you then have to hike through five chapters of an abandoned mine, house, and numerous woody areas.

Of course, it’s no surprise that the antagonist is the Slender Man, depicted as a tall, faceless man that appears very close and causes the screen to become hazy. The blurred screen becomes more violent the longer you look at him, making it impossible to see the killer clearly. The level designs are equally harsh and the tension level is kept high. After two hours of pursuit, the constant nervousness becomes exhausting.

The Slender Man is probably one of the first legitimate convincing monsters to come out in pop culture in a while.  While there’s a lot of room for improvement, The Arrival is mesmerizing since it plays on modern fears using a modern medium.  And because of that, it has done well in introducing new life into a genre that many of us thought was already dead.

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