Shattered Haven Invaded with Zombies

Shattered Haven

Shattered Haven is executed in old 2D style which will be appreciated by gamers who give top priority to plot rather than to graphics. In addition, the game is rather complicated and will mount lots of problems for you to solve.

Arcen Games offers you to live through a zombie apocalypse. This time they are called “grays” and wander around the planet for 9 years. Several groups of people managed to survive, and Mary and Darrell Williams are no exception. They live in a farm near a town together with their little daughter. Once, they rescue a boy whose mother was killed by grays. Here the story begins. You are offered different ways of the story development, and you can choose variants of dialogues. However, children in this game look somehow weird as they remind smaller adults rather than kids.

The tutorial will teach you how to cope with grays and survive in a cruel changed world. You will also collect various items, like lanterns or hammers, for example, and later use them for crawling through the levels. Nevertheless, you will be introduced to the very first enemy rather quickly. This will be a giant squid which will surely bring you lots of problems, as it attacks everything what can approach.

The main objective of the game is to kill the grays, to survive and to gather necessary items. There is also an in-game currency to receive something what you require at the present moment. However, everything is not as simple as it may seem. Sometimes, you will have to execute enemies only with some particular weapon or in a certain order.

Unfortunately, the longer you play, the more you understand that the tasks and puzzles are typical and repetitive. Even pleasant visuals don’t help the situation. You will simply crawl ahead losing any interest to what you are doing and try to make your character survive. Nevertheless, there is a possibility to create your own maps for having some additional fun, but in general the game could have pleased its players with much more interesting ideas and occupations.

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