ShootMania Storm: New Word in Shooter Games

ShootMania Storm

What would you like to see in shooter games? Probably, they will be great if include speed, accuracy and great visuals. All this can be found in the latest ShootMania Storm produced by Ubisoft.

The new multi-player competitive shooter will make you to be attentive and count each shot if you don’t want to lose. Yet, everything is very simple. There is no extremely big set of weapons or several types of grenades and improvements of them. Just 3 weapons. You receive one of them according to the mode of the game you choose or rarely according to the place on the map you are. Usually, you are offered rockets with 4 shots and lots period of recharge. You may also receive a lightning blast. It is fast and allows to kill enemies quicker than with rockets. If you happen to be in some dungeons or tunnels, the game will provide you with a grenade launcher. You are not warned that your weapon has changed, you simply see that the reticle differs.

The game is based only on the level of your experience. According to the game mode, your opponent can receive from 1 to 3 shots to be defeated what adds difficulty to the process. The way you move is also important. Usually, you will not be allowed to sit somewhere waiting for an opponent. You’ll have to move briskly across the map. There is also stamina which will be spent on running and jumping so you’ll have to keep your eye on this too.

One of the most interesting modes is Elite. There are two teams of three gamers and only 1 attacker who has to cope with defenders. There is also Royal mode where your team has to capture a pole. In addition, if you are skilled enough and can cope with the ManiaScript language, you will manage to create your own mode.

The game is worth paying $20 as is brings lots of fun and tension. It differs from other shooters in some aspects and makes you work hard to achieve your goals.

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